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Composer - ‘Mettle’ ((mettle/ˈmɛt(ə)l/ - a person's ability to cope well with difficulties; spirit and resilience.)

This film looks at skinhead culture and the male psyche when it comes to male dominated subcultures. I wanted to explore the ‘macho’ stereotypes that men sometimes feel they ought to live up to in those spheres.

A collaboration with the award winning Director Libby Burke-Wilde (who worked with Royal Blood, David Gilmour, Daughter; and brands such as Marshall Amps, Spotify, UEFA) and the choreographer Alexandra Green (who worked with Stormzy, Gucci, Agent Provocateur)

Short Doc

Composer - for Lancashire County Council UK

What does it feel like to lose your home and start your life again in a foreign land with a foreign culture? How do you anchor yourself to feel safe? How do you find the familiar in so much unfamiliar?

'A Taste Of Home' is a recipe book created by Refugee families across Lancashire who have had to live through the unimaginable. The book shows just a small glimpse of how they have begun to rebuild and recentre their life whilst honouring the home they lost. Food, family and friends are the core of Syrian culture; eating together, enjoying good food and each other.

The Black Mamba

Recording Engineer

Recorded in Sintra, Portugal, this is the first single after "Love is on My Side" from the Eurovision Song Contest winners - The Black Mamba

Short Film

Composer - for Porsche

Whether small or monumental, a dream is still a dream. All that matters is that you believe in it. This is the message behind filmmaker Libby Burke's short film, Dreamers; a celebration of everyday dreamers. After winning the Driven by Dreams category at the Porsche Award 2021 with her piece, Absent, she was invited by Porsche to create a film inspired by the slogan. That's why Libby's film is the perfect watch for this year's World Dream Day.

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