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Biography of a visionary


Our team is our most valuable asset and is lead by our Chief Engineer and Head Producer, Pedro Syrah, carrying with him a wealth of experience, passion and expertise.


It takes many years of hard work and dedication to reach the standards of a top engineer and producer but the variety of projects that Pedro worked with, from emerging talent, through to established artists across all genres of music, makes him one of the most internationally experienced engineers and producers in Portugal.

Pedro Syrah is a producer and musician currently living in Portugal. From an early age, Pedro founded and was a part of many bands and projects in Portugal. As a special guest, Pedro toured with the American legendary jazz pianist Burton Greene and with Sierra Hurtt (Phil Hurtt, The Spinners) and later worked with Pedro Tatanka (Black Mamba), Celina da Piedade (Rodrigo Leão), João Neto (Oioai), highlighting his work with the  Grammy ® Winner, José Cid. As a solo artist, Pedro recorded with Grammy ® Winner Thomas Pridgen (The Mars Volta) making his debut as a producer and established recording artist.

After moving to London, Pedro graduated from Abbey Road Institute and started producing and recording many artists in his studio and in the legendary Abbey Road Studios, highlighting his work as a producer, recording and mixing engineer on Steve Diggle and Buzzcocks' last album "Station X". More recently Pedro started working as a songwriter with Nick Hodgson (Kaiser Chiefs, Mark Ronson, Dua Lipa), Ben Gordon (The Dead 60s) and Mark Collins (The Charlatans) with whom he maintains a close personal and professional relation - they formed the band Cosmic Kite, where Pedro is the bass boy. More recently, Pedro did a certification in Dolby Atmos and a certification in Mastering with Piper Payne (Infrasonic Sound, Nashville).


On screen, his later works include collaborations with the award winning Director Libby Burke-Wilde (who worked with Royal Blood, David Gilmour, Daughter; and brands such as Marshall Amps, Spotify, UEFA) and the choreographer Alexandra Green (who worked with Stormzy, Gucci, Agent Provocateur) - to highlight the amazing short - “Mettle". More recently, Pedro was invited to compose the music for Libby's latest short film "Dreamers", made for Porsche.

In studio, Pedro has thousands of hours of experience in many sessions, learning with some of the best Engineers, Producers and Lecturers.


Pedro is the only Certified Sound Engineer in Portugal to record with the Decca Tree Recording Technique, having learned from the Multi Award and Grammy ® Winner John Dunkerley; and he's the only Audio Engineering Society member working as Recording and Mixing Engineer in Portugal.


Pedro now spends his time between Social Protocol Studios in Portugal and London, where he still has strong ties.

Here's a list of Producers, Engineers and Lecturers that Pedro learned from in the studio sessions and lectures:

John Dunkerley.jpg

John dunkerley

Luciano Pavarotti, Stanley Kubrick, Montreal Symphony


Alex Scannell

Ed Sheeran, The Maniac Street Preachers, Ray Davies


peter walsh

Stevie Wonder, Simple Minds, Spandau Ballet


Haydn bendall

Kate Bush, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Mark Knopfler


John kurlander

The Beatles, Lord Of The Rings, Elton John


Sylvia massy

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, Lenny Kravitz, Tom Petty, Sublime, Johnny Cash


john leckie

Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd, John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, The Stone Roses, Radiohead


aamir yaqub

Rihanna, Will.I.Am, Sia


Jason O'Brien

Dub Pistols, Moby, Korn, Limp Bizkit


Pete Dowsett

Pharrell Williams, Snoop Dog, Black Eyed Peas

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