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Explore our Recording Studio in Serra da Arrábida

our control room

Seek Excellence with our
perfect listening environment 

Our control room offers the perfect listening environment, acoustically designed with state of the art panels and equipped with Barefoot Sound Minimain12 and Genelec monitors. It's the first and only dynamic Control Room in the country with a technological device for a perfect listening environment

our live room

The acoustic Balance you need to record

Our live room was designed by Pedro Syrah in collaboration with Carlos Bricio (former Head Engineer, Abbey Road Institute London) to be a unique sounding room, with the ability to metamorphize acoustically by moving panels on the ceiling and walls

our gear collection

Sound unique with our Legendary gear

Despite the fact of having  some the best modern gear in the market, our studio features unique vintage and rare gear acquired from some of the most iconic studios of all time, like Abbey Road Studios or AIR Studios Monserrat

Beyond the studio

Stay in Paradise

Our facilities offer eco-friendly accommodation for a perfect retreat. We also have the best local partners to provide the best products and experiences available - stay in touch

Follow Our Timeline


2020 - We chose the location


2021 - We submitted the plans and got the approval


2021 - We're starting building it

2022 - We're finishing the structure

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